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Altay Republic, 1 km from Urlu-Aspak village • Показать на карте

Tourist complex "Altai Resort» is located in a corner near the wilderness area maralovodcheskogo farm in a picturesque location surrounded by mountain ranges, forests of cedar and larch in the floodplain Maima 40 km away from Gorno-Altai.

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Altay Republic, Manzherok lake • Показать на карте

Mini-hotels are located in close proximity to the chair lift. All rooms of the complex mini-hotels have balconies. There is a living - free mangalnye site.

Cost of services cableway from 20 June 2012. will be 300 rubles. (adult), 150 rubles. (children under 12 years). Children under 6 years - free of charge.

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Altay region, Souzga village, Naberezhnaya 44 • Показать на карте

Manor "Edelweiss" was opened in 2002 and operates year-round for good, and good rest in the Altai.

"Edelweiss" is located in the foothills of the Altai Mountains in the village Souzga on the picturesque bank of the Katun River, two kilometers from the warm Aya Lake. To go on a camp site, you need at the beginning of the village to turn off the road right after the bridge over the river Souzga and drive to the shore of Katun embankment to the street.

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Altay Republic, 5 km from Manzherok village • Показать на карте

Come for the portion of health and a happy holiday in the Altai Mountains in the tourist complex "Priskalny Chalet" is located 5 km from the village Manzherok Maima in the area. The entire territory belongs to the camp site protected forest zone I category.

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