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Altay Region, 8 km from Road Souzga-Nizhnekayancha • Показать на карте

Location pension can be considered as one of its advantages. On the one hand, the removal of an active and densely populated areas of the lake Aya can relax in solitude and harmony with nature, without fuss or fanfare, discos and nightclubs. On the other hand, a short distance, a good road and new bridge allows easy access to the "focus of hype" around the clock using the services of (relatively expensive) taxi.

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Altay region, Aya village, Klyuchevaya street, 31 • Показать на карте

Recreation center "Ak-round" is located on the left bank of the Katun River, three kilometers from the lake, "Aya", in a picturesque part of the Altai - there is no accumulation of noisy bases, hence close to the most popular tourist sites. And most importantly - are always welcome guests!

Цена: от 1500 руб.
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Altay Republic, 1 km from Urlu-Aspak village • Показать на карте

Tourist complex "Altai Resort» is located in a corner near the wilderness area maralovodcheskogo farm in a picturesque location surrounded by mountain ranges, forests of cedar and larch in the floodplain Maima 40 km away from Gorno-Altai.

Рейтинг 10.00
Altai, Altai Region, the town. Katun street. Sermon, 3, Lake Aya, tourist complex "Berezka" • Показать на карте

At your disposal comfortable rooms and houses in different price categories located on 91,000 square meters environmentally friendly nature, green, well-groomed, prosperous, protected, secure area.

Additional services and entertainment offered diversify and make your vacation unforgettable.

Цена: от 100 руб.
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Altay Republic, 5 km from Manzherok village • Показать на карте

Come for the portion of health and a happy holiday in the Altai Mountains in the tourist complex "Priskalny Chalet" is located 5 km from the village Manzherok Maima in the area. The entire territory belongs to the camp site protected forest zone I category.

Рейтинг 1.00
Цена: от 1040 руб.
Рейтинг 1.00
Altay region, Souzga village, Naberezhnaya 44 • Показать на карте

Manor "Edelweiss" was opened in 2002 and operates year-round for good, and good rest in the Altai.

"Edelweiss" is located in the foothills of the Altai Mountains in the village Souzga on the picturesque bank of the Katun River, two kilometers from the warm Aya Lake. To go on a camp site, you need at the beginning of the village to turn off the road right after the bridge over the river Souzga and drive to the shore of Katun embankment to the street.

Altay Region, Yarowoe city B, 38 • Показать на карте

"Rus" - hotel in the city Yarovoye high level of service and excellent quality of service. If you are looking for a hotel in spring crops - we are pleased to offer you accommodation in our hotel "Rus". The hotel is located in the heart of Yarovoye, the city offers first-class service and amenities in 10 comfortable rooms of different categories: economy, luxury.

Цена: от 800 руб.
Altay region, Souzga village, Lesotel • Показать на карте

Lesotel - is a unique hotel complex, located 35 kilometers from the Gorno-Altai. It is located in a picturesque location on the bank. Katun River, just 15 kilometers from Lake Manzherok next to Chuisk road. Advantageous location convenient for both the amateur and leisure trips, and for those seeking a relaxing family holiday in a picturesque location near the river.

Цена: от 1200 руб.
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Altay Republic, Manzherok lake • Показать на карте

Mini-hotels are located in close proximity to the chair lift. All rooms of the complex mini-hotels have balconies. There is a living - free mangalnye site.

Cost of services cableway from 20 June 2012. will be 300 rubles. (adult), 150 rubles. (children under 12 years). Children under 6 years - free of charge.

Рейтинг 4.00
Altay region, Souzga village, Centralnaya street, 53 • Показать на карте

Hotel complex "Na Shumah" perfectly transforming the idea of ​​a comfortable, pleasant and safe stay away from home.
Depending on your preference there is a choice of different accommodation options, from standard rooms to luxury suites.

Рейтинг 10.00
Altai Republic, Chemalsky district, Uznezya Street, Central, 48 • Показать на карте

Hotel complex "NIKA resort" invites you to visit the Altai Mountains, with its unique nature.

The convenient location of our base on the shores of beautiful Katun, surrounded by majestic mountains allow you to appreciate the unique nature of the Altai, and comfortable accommodation to suit every taste and friendly staff will make you feel at home.

Цена: от 2400 руб.
Рейтинг 10.00
659900 Russia, Altay region, Belokurikha town, st.Myasnikova, 8 • Показать на карте

In Belokurikha 06/06/2008 has opened a new hotel complex "Orion", which includes 23 comfortable, made ​​with the soul, the numbers of categories of "studio", "deluxe" rooms and luxurious "suites." An individual approach to design has made the interior room is truly unique.
The hotel complex "Orion" is open round the clock restaurant "Akhtamar" ...

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Altay Republic, v.Artybash (Teletskoe lake) • Показать на карте

Boarding house "Eden", located on the shores of Lake Teletskoye, specially designed for you to tours and itineraries of varying difficulty, lasting from several hours to fourteen days, where you can see the most unique and symbolic place of the pearls of Gorny Altai.

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Altay region, Aya village • Показать на карте

Holiday Village "Raduzhnyi bereg" is located in the Altai Mountains, in a very picturesque location, 70 meters from the river Katun. Not far from the tourist center is the famous lake Aya. Our hostel provides both summer and winter recreation.

Рейтинг 2.00
Altay region, Rybalka village •

Modern club of European standard, which operates all year round. The most important feature of the Guest House is that it is completely made ​​of wood (Altai cedar), which contributes to a healthy full rest, where you can restore your physical and spiritual well-being.

Цена: от 1800 руб.
Рейтинг 1.00
Altay Region, Aya village, Klyuchevaya street,34 • Показать на карте

Tourist complex "Sar-Görele Altai" - is a year-round tourist complex in the Altai Mountains near Lake Aya. It is located 5 kilometers from Ayskogo bridge downstream. Designed for quiet, comfortable, family holidays, corporate events.

Рейтинг 1.00
659 540 Republic of Altai, Turochakskyi district, p. Artybash Street. Teletskoye, 44-a •

A small stylish mansion is located in a. Artybash, in a picturesque location on the shores of Lake Teletskoye. The estate has everything you need for a relaxing family holiday and enjoying nature.

Рейтинг 5.00
Altay Republic, v.Artybash (Teletskoe lake) • Показать на карте

Comfortable accommodation in houses of cedar, with a terrace offering a beautiful view of Lake Teletskoye. Apartment complex located about fifty meters from the shore of the lake. Nearby there are grocery stores, souvenir shops, pier with pleasure craft.

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АлтAltai region, village Aya, Katun street, 2a • Показать на карте

The modern tourist complex "Stick Travel" located in the picturesque area of ​​Lake Aya in a birch forest on the banks of the Katun river channels. "Travel Stick" - a harmonious blend of European standards of service and wilderness of the Altai. An ideal place for families, for active and extreme tourism for the organization of tours and excursions around the Altai Mountains.

Рейтинг 1.00
Altay region, Cheposh village • Показать на карте

Business Card recreation "Tursib" - a high level of service guests. One style buildings and modern life-support systems, the attentive staff makes the rest of our guests comfortable and elegant. You will experience the best of the rest on our database in the Altai Mountains.

Рейтинг 10.00
Цена: от 1000 руб.
Рейтинг 1.00
Altay Regoin, 2 km from Souzga • Показать на карте

Tourist base "Youth" is a picturesque place of the Altai Republic, on the right bank of the Katun River, 280 km from Barnaul, 2 km away from. Souzga.

Its a cozy arrangement of mixed forest, where there are birch and pine, distance from roads, unforgettable natural beauty, hospitality staff will make your stay relaxed and full.

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